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I think she was nervous.“I am a force of nature.”She found herself unable to remove her eyes from her Dads magnificent cock.Her legs at first moved chaotically, wriggling in the air, rubbing against each other... but then she kinda walked in the air, and the short dress revealed her pretty little cunt covered by white panties.Zanyia howled her excitement and then the catgirl tackled me. I gasped as she bore me down to the ground.It matches your panties.”“Because… I always thought about you when I was doing it because I am in love with you!” I finally dropped the bomb.He stood at the bottom of the porch steps as Martha and Joe's white sedan stopped in front of him and a dust covered black van stopped on the other side of their car.“Ladies, we have Vivian out of her comfort zone.I slink down and put my face next to hers as my fingers trace up and down her arm.I noticed that I had started to cry, the tears streaming down my face.Here, though, there were a handful of people m

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Shari watched her father pound me from any Lesbian every angle she could think of but didn’t participate at all this time."We're going to have to amend our itinerary," Sheila said as she absent-mindedly stirred her coffee with two red plastic sticks as she flipped through the pages in her notebook.Hot, tight, wondrous pleasure engulfed my cock.We will sit by the pool and talk.Clothing rustled.So, I need you to get up and help your Dad with some chores he wants to do around the house.”Tina was trying to decide, it really was a bad dilemma.I almost made it to the door when Sheila's sleepy voice called my name.Instead of telling me to pull it up he did it for me. I was so embarrassed as he pulled the suit right up to my crotch.Musad growled.I arched an eyebrow.I spent my time searching for the same old porn, big cock, chastity, sissy, cuckold, forced feminiseation, rape, bondage, cum eating, throatfucking and deepthroating, the same old categories but with new never before seen clarity, when you

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"Prepare for a load straight down your throat...""Slaves, Master."Lisi moaned.I thought to myself ‘what a lazy fuck he is’ and returned my thoughts to Dakota’s wonderful tongue.I looked questioningly at Andrea who said, "Do it.It was no medical tricorder So it didn't have the specialized sensors to analyze her medical condition, but it did tell her that her vital signs were stable.I was in total ecstasy and didn’t even worry about the mess I was making.I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.The gang leader's leering grin sent a chill down Trisha's spine.We kissed like that twice before we just kind of licked each other’s tongues and swirled them around each other’s like we saw the lesbians doing in the video.(Surprise!Can one person really be that cruel?He put his hand on hers.I don’t know how long I watched but after a while his hand became a blur and soon his body tensed and he reached for a tissue beside his easy chair and placed the tissue over his thing and his b

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Mike picked up the pace, it was one thing to accomplish taking his dick it was another for him to fuck me. I was there on the bed, ass propped up, folded in half while a middle age black man uses my ass for his oversized cock, humiliated wearing pink panties, helplessly pounded into a bed while two people watch me lose my man hood.We part, a string of saliva bridging our mouths, and we stare into one another’s eyes.Yeah, count on me to have the most perverse sense of validation, she thought with a sigh.We'll see you at noon, order us some champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries.“Master said that in a week, we can have a sleepover in his room and he’ll play with all of us,” she said.The sound of my hand cracking into her ass echoed through the hallway.Our lips start to part and for the first time I taste the sweet succulent juices of your tongue.“How did it happen?” I asked Mom.“OOOHHHAAAHHH!” I screamed, bucking my hips back and forth, my inner muscles contracting