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He had taken the pill.I admitted to Sally, and then asked, "But what would your best friend, Linda, think about this little 'show' you guys just put on for me?"If you’ll stay the night, we can do this again in the morning.” She winked saucily.She noticed that I noticed, and her grin broadened beneath her veil, her finger stroking the pulsing vein.“I’m sure you could,” Gloria smirked, clasping her gloved hand in mine, “she’s a seasoned killer with an untold body count, and you’re a farmer who shovels pig shit.I was hammering her pussy so hard that you could hear my balls slapping her ass.John slipped both hands and arms down between his sister’s legs and reached up and cupped both ass cheeks as he stared up at Karen’s pussy.I think I’m actually developing strong relationships with all of them, even if they can be… negative.” I continued, then chuckled.Dana remained clutched to me in a deathgrip as my cock continued to pulse my seed inside her, my body welded to