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No one goes anywhere alone am I, clear girls?Our pool enclosure was completed more than a week before Thanksgiving, necessitating a party in celebration the following Saturday afternoon."Yes Master."The scream that burst from between her lips was quickly muffled by a strong, rough hand over her mouth.As she began to slide up and down on Peter’s pole Jan thought to herself how nice it felt, Peter was slightly longer than her husband but his cock was not as fat, she wondered to herself what it would be like to have a cock in her as long as Peter’s but as fat as Jim’s and then she gently shook her head telling herself to be satisfied with what she had to play with tonight.“No.”I carefully traced it with my finger and then licked off her salty sweat.Christina closed her eyes again and told herself it was just her imagination and just to stay calm.She loved the way he kissed her.Get her on the table.”I raised both eyebrows at him.All three of them were wearing halters and shorts

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