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"Are you sure your Daddy will take me?" asked Jenny suddenly focusing on her friends barely clad body.I repeated it again with more enthusiasm, ‘Fuck me, Daddy,’ and he gave out a loud groan.I could feel her cunt tighten around my cock as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her.I said they do have some nice stores there.“I’d do anything right now.”The news spread throughout her hi-circlesShe had never suspected that she had a kinky side.Finally she rolled me off her , god damn she said sitting up, then impaled her mouth back on my cock."Delicious as always stud.That’s right Daddy, you made your little girl gag on your cock.“Like some sort of cosmic event that bombarded us with gravitons.She told me that I could not be orally promiscuous.The private shave of the girl above her pussy is fully visible, due to the open strip of the body dress.Not needing to tell me twice, I quickly took my pants off and sat down in the chair she had sitting in the middle of her room.Sh