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After Dad finished up into her, he was released from her hold and humbly took up his clothing and left to heal his mind and conscience on the way home.She'll be gloating when we get home.”“WHAT!I thought that I would see if I could get her to relax a bit and to talk a bit.It was.Whether they actually do can’t be answered just by telling me and looking for my answer.”“Oh, Steve, yes!"They did."I close my eyes as she pulls my body up against hers.You truly have saved us, at least the females and father.His hands gently felt her waist.Catching my breath and happy to be alive.There were so many people.“Karmen, I told you that you are mines and I got you.”“And I guess we’ll hold off on bra shopping tonight, too.”“Don’t worry about it Jack.I found myself standing on the other side of the entrance to the public toilet, I stood there for a while holding my fist just an inch from knocking thinking if this is a good idea im straight I don’t do things with girls but the