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My daughter had played several years of basketball.Pleasure slammed into my mind again and again, drowning me. It was—“No sweetheart, this is right, what I gave you before was because I love you.”I caught a brief glimpse of her exposed rump cheek under her miniskirt.She moved around so she was facing both of us then asked “Do you guys think it twisted that I wanted you two to screw?”By now, both Don and I realized we were becoming very attached to Michelle and Marilyn.The market was bustling with natives and I was one of the few tourists.Well it happened!Do you think I could get some extra credit for this?Don't stop!"Amber and I always had a fun, flirty friendship but agreed to not pursue things since we worked together.She glowed with power.Laura finally came up for air “Do you want a go Gemma?”.It was as if I'd lost my breath.She realised the time had come for her new owner to claim her and she sat fearfully in the back of the cart, her knees drawn up tightly to her chi