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Have mercy?“It's safe, right?”It had been only a couple of days since they had arrived at a castle, which he had learned was named Castle Tharfield for the Tharfield family that ruled over the lordship of the region.I wasted no time at all and began fucking her really hard, almost to the point of lifting her feet off the ground with each stroke.No, I am fine...I just...need to use the bathroom, I think," she replied with wide eyes and a higher then normal tone.They jiggled and shook in such interesting, distracting ways.I quickly checked on Brittany again, and sure enough she was still watching us.Another showed a guy licking and sucking a girl’s toes."Yes?"There were a few decorations but not nearly as many.As I had begun jerking the top and shaft of with both my hands, under increasingly eager encouragement and praise from my stepdad, I rarely managed to look at anything else than his bulging tool in my small hands.On the end of the metal pole was a rubber dildo with what looke

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