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She had condoms in her bedroom but there was no way she wanted to stop what they were doing to get them."Does it feel good?"The open plan ground floor is packed with people and every step towards the host brings a new face and a new introduction.I struggled to maintain my composure, to not react to the beautiful woman that was raping me. Her tongue snaked playfully from her mouth and licked my pointed ear.Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly, like lock and key, made for each other.She suddenly pulled back and said, “No, let’s not make this um…romantic.“Fuck” she gasps as she cups her pussy.This was the first time anyone had touched her there and the effect was immediate.She was strapped spread eagled in the cage, facing the area where the new women were standingWe sat across from one-another on a small side table.He was in his office working on his laptop.Obediently making sure the show was exciting for the men.I tightened my grasp around my member and resumed to str

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