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After I got about half in I started long stroking it which got me off big time.Twisting to face the foot of the bed, the Russian beauty now leaned over his crotch, lapping eagerly at their combined fluids and making his cock shiny with her saliva.“I love you” was the last thing she told him before he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.He squeezed her cute little breasts again and felt the hard nipple under his fingers.“Mr. Brighton, if you two will take them back to Command-One and alert their principal.”“Kyp, let me ask you something,” she interrupted, her eyes still aflame with what I could only assume was lust.Stroked me.“The inspiration for this was so called innocent girls that avoid getting talked into proper sex by agree to blow their boyfriend.He ran this past his parents and they were very favorable to him giving this much needed help to Mattie.When I brushed her lips again, she tentatively returned my kisses – then more eagerly tasting my lips, until s

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