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My God!On the third day, Jane eagerly checked her mail, hoping for another picture, but there was nothing."Ohhh, no.Where was this going?Though this also gave me an idea I just needed a item brought to me from the new capital.Make me come Jimmy.There was something just so special about a futa's breasts.I knew that I would thrive here for sure.I was still holding her hair and head so she couldn’t look or turn away.My blonde half-sister, and one of Clint's girlfriends, wasn't wearing her skinny jeans that clung to her hips or a skirt so short she could “accidentally” flash her pussy.The next morning Betty met Kit as he came from the bathroom, they paused in the hall just long enough for him to boldly say, “Where were you last night, I missed you?” Betty flushed with embarrassment, her heart fell to her stomach, she turned and fled to the bathroom without saying a word."OH YOU DO - DO YOU?" sneared Pinkie as she jerked her shoulders back and forth with wild abandon, laughing as