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Mom seems to be an expert cocksucker.It all started the day before my daughter her birthday.“My cock is rock hard for you.There could be no threat to my family.I pressed my cheek against Cali's as I nuzzled in. My tongue flicked along the edge of Billy's cock, the salty flavor making me shiver in delight.Kara got down on all fours and Cathy started to eat her ass and loosen her up.Phil didn’t fucking do it.I couldn’t get enough of it.Her eyes drift to Mark and she sees he is in a trace staring at the scene of her and Tim.They bumped noses and stared, both waiting for the other to do something.“Miss Johnson, Mr. Jackson, would you like anything to drink.” Mrs. Smith said.“Whoooa, Geezus, Lick me…lick me…don’t stop licking me!” For once I was going to make Amy cum quickly.You cannot cum without humiliation.Thankfully though Misoko was a good tracker.It wasn't long before I joined him.First one to make their girl cum wins a real contest.”We need to hit the road now.

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