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He was my daddy."Yeah I know.She wants to know if it’s OK to bring him.“Jeez, why didn’t you warn me, I’m still embarrassed.”I felt the pressure over my whole rod.ANGELA“You think I’m becoming soft?” I smirked."Well, I can't have you fucking everything that walks by, can I?"And so, Lucy sat there, uncomfortably close, but unable to take her eyes off what was happening.“I see the feeling is not mutual,” Leveria chuckled, “and I got all dressed up just for you.”"Yes I'm real, I'll let you tell her, maybe she can help.I unslung my weapon and checked the safety.I shrieked out loud!To say that Cory was devoted to Bill was an understatement.She was lying face down her head turned toward him, watching as he gulped cool air.As she relaxed, it was as if the sun were setting on her beautiful island.She really liked the teddy.She'd been so stoned, she'd lost it.I kept them hidden so that they would stay safe in a world that wouldn’t understand them.Her hair fell over her

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