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She was definitely my better half."I wasn't going to leader honestly; she is just so damn cocksure.She knew her parents had made yet another trip to the sex shop downtown and wanted to see what they had gotten and where she could put it.“I know,” Ashley called through the door.“Why don’t we go to my room.I furrowed my brow in dozey concentration as we both tried to ignore my already comically stiff erection tenting my underwear between us.It glistened with her flowing juices and Tom looked at it dazzled before snaking his tongue deep into her tunnel, flooding his taste buds with the tangy aroma of her gushing womanhood.I was frantically trying to stave off the urge but my cock was twitching more and more fiercely inside her.Steve does what she says and I feel his pee also hit me as it runs off Cindy.“You made me love this!And keep on sucking my cock!I was a bit late getting home, and Susan was already online with Cock Man. She was topless once again.“Fuck, doll.” The guy,

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