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I paused and then said more slowly, “That’s the numbers zero, zero, seven, then d-o-u-b-l-e-U, all lower case except the U.Fuck ya – she took the shot and slammed it, grabbed the beer and got half that down.Okay daddy, he replied.“Let me check that book you’ve got.” She walked over and took it from his hands."I'm comming," I told her, breathlessly trying to process everything she'd said.I almost changed my mind…but then I closed the door.Nodding I swung the machete chopping off the genitals of both mages.I didn't have a choice.I reached down and gathered my clothes.A few of my favourites were,“Oh yeah.” He responded with a chuckle.When she stepped out of the staircase, she prayed that no one was on the other side.“Don't you have to pee?” she asked, this naughty glint in her green eyes.Although Bianca's wrists were now free, Stacey still had her hands cuffed behind her back.She lent back slightly, moaning as I fingered her and touched her clit as one of her own han