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“ fuck that was intense” was all I could say.He seemed nice and I took him to our massage room and banged had him strip and lay face down on the table.Oh he pays the bills, but that’s the extent of our marriage.So vibrant.I didn't have a crush on my nerdy friend.Well, it was only day one.I slipped back to my closet for a tee shirt, shorts and sandals then I led Sandy out to the garage.Yeah, yeah...He entered my untouched flesh.It occurred to me if I could even think those thoughts, then there was something wrong with Dr. Blavatsky's vision.I spent the day working, went for a run, had a surf with the boys (my straight friends who have no idea that I am Aussie Speedo Guy), had a light dinner and then it was nine o'clock.Juices gushed out of her cunt, splattering the mat.I get back in the car and take off.“Pumpkin doesn’t sound very flattering but yeah, pretty much,” she confirmed.One morning a few days after his arrival it had hit him during breakfast.Then, with your other hand, gra