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It was very nice and relaxing.She reached down between her legs and immediately encountered Frank’s dick straining against the fabric of his shorts.David was very considerate and loving.She looked up to catch his eye, but he was still minding his vision.He thought.I reached up with my free hand to slap one of her nipples very hard.I just have to keep moving forward.I stopped and asked if she was OK and if she wanted me to stop.Her pussy feels so different being shaved and the sensations caused by the vibrator seemed more intense than ever.She was wearing form fitting yoga pants and tight crop top; over that she wore a blouse that was unbuttoned but the shirt tails were tied in a knot.“Fair enough, how about it Shay?Nena was still covering her eyes, as cute as it was I knew she was missing out by doing so.“I want to fuck in the woods.” She says.I’m no more certain that the memory of that is any more truthful than the one of the two men pulling me back into my clothes, and then

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