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My brother's footsteps reached the second floor, creaking above as he headed towards our parents' bedroom.This time he took my cock in his hand, took it into his mouth and sucked on it slowly and passionately, looking into my eyes.The first thing I noticed was the foul smell invading my senses.Lisa finally opened her eyes to discover her own father, standing in front of her, naked from the waist down, and with a mildly-pulsating erect penis that was still oozing out little globs of sperm.Once I'm in, Roger and I start to find a pace where we can both work out together comfortably.“Come, back to the den.She sat up.I heard him say 'they got those twins on a couch.It was great to see her relax.“Is this your first interview?” she asked.Grandma rocks her body, starting a slow and deliberate motion.I keep thrusting into her and she keeps cumming, “OH GAWD DADDY, I FEEL YOU SO DEEP IN ME. YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD, SO HARD,” she says as another orgasm rolls through her body.I woke fro